Finding it difficult to lose weight and shedding those extra pounds? It could possibly be in the choice of words you are using and thinking.

Shift your awareness from the words ‘diets, weight loss’ to one of ‘BECOMING HEALTHY AND GAINING SLIMNESS’ and watch your weight melt away!

It’s a new paradigm in thinking about weight loss. Your body is an amazing temple that wants balance, seeks to be healthy, fit, lean, slim and happy!

One problem is that we self sabotage ourselves with the negative thinking we have about our weight, our body image, how we see ourselves and the way we look. Lets face it some of us are not runway models, although some of us do want to look sexy, healthy and slim and there’s nothing wrong with that. Getting healthy is key and making sure that the emotional, mental and physical body is all on the same page in their mindset is important.

Much of the challenge lies in our high levels of stress, anxiety, poor diet, restless sleep, emotional upsets, traumas, all contributing to our out of control emotional eating patterns and overeating habits, leading to obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

Our belief systems also play a huge role in how we feel about our weight and ourselves. Thank goodness for BodyTalk, which can help us release and smash through many of those belief systems.

So allow me to explain how your mind works…

What you say, believe and think on a daily basis becomes your reality! Yup, your reality. Your repetitive thoughts and words come into the conscious mind and then dumps the belief into the subconscious mind. So guess what? When we are consistently repeating or even thinking, ‘I am fat, I am fat, I don’t like what I see, my thighs are too big, I am overweight’ –  your body and mind believes it!

Words such as ‘I want to lose weight, I am going on a diet, I am going to cut calories your body’ automatically puts our mind into survival mode and begins thinking “oh my gosh, am I going to get another meal today?’ Fear and panic set in.

So guess what the body does? Our bodies once in survival mode holds on to every ounce of fat! Yikes….yes, every ounce. Making it much more difficult for you to lose the weight and the fat!

So your internalized negative statements and belief systems about yourself actually becomes your truth and reality.

Negative charges are associated with our words and thought patterns, thus the body will hold on longer to the body fat and not release it.

So what do we do?

Get clear. Shift your thinking and empower your mind/body into getting slim by healthy thinking, making better food choices, educating yourself about your health and wellness, exercising, keeping stress levels at bay, adapting a positive attitude and living a healthy lifestyle are all necessary to get you to your ideal weight.

Being happy. Self love and living life from an authentic place is monumental on the journey.

So get rid of the words ‘weight loss’ and begin with using the words ‘GAINING SLIMINESS”. Your body understands gaining slimness, it’s a positive.

Tell your body you ‘Love it’ daily and tell it you are ‘gaining slimness’ not LOSING WEIGHT. Watch your words, watch your thoughts and be ever so gentle and kind with yourself. Your body will love you for it.  Watch your body transform itself before your very eyes.





Say it everyday. Pin it up in your kitchen, bathroom, car, office, bathroom………it will be a reminder for you and watch the magic happen.