Vanishing Twin Syndrome

Ever Feel Like Half of You is Missing? 
Maybe You Are a Surviving Twin! 


Did you know that as many as one in eight of us started out in the womb with the company of another sibling, either fraternal or identical. Then something happens and the other embryo vanishes – usually between the 1st and 4th month.  This leaves a number of issues for the Surviving Twin, such as abandonment & feeling alone, or never wanting to be alone, low self-esteem, sabotage relationships, unexplainable guilt or deep unexplainable grief, overwhelming sadness, disconnected, seeking perfect and unconditional love, and so forth.

These perceptions create issues that lead to reactive behaviours later as a child or an adult that seem unexplainable. This can lead to stress, as well as, physical and emotional issues throughout ones entire life.

Since the advent of ultrasonography, it has been determined that at least one-eighth of all natural pregnancies begin as twins – but only about 1% of pregnancies result in twins. This is evident when the first ultrasound detects twins and then the next does not.


It’s a lost embryo/fetus that wasn’t healthy and died. Either fraternal or identical.

Once lost, the surviving twin begins to feel all the emotional realities that set in, that go from love to feelings of loss, rejection, abandonment, separation, etc...

The subconscious repercussions are huge feelings of grief during the pregnancy due to the loss for the fetus. The mother might feel emotional, spot or feel nauseated for the first few months not even realizing she has lost a daughter or son in utero and this traumatic experience affects the mother and surviving fetus on a subconscious level.  This leaves a number of physical and emotional issues and reactive behaviours for the Surviving Twin.

Below is a list of emotional realities that set in and are linked to the vanishing twin survivor.

Check the list below and see if you might be a Surviving Twin. Which of the psychological repercussions of Vanishing Twin Syndrome do you have?

  • A need to over-manage or be in-control
  • Unexplainable guilt
  • Overwhelming grief or despair
  • Experiencing a feeling of loss , apathy – you do not care if you live or die
  • Occasionally have thoughts of suicide. Often think “what’s the point” or “what’s the use”
  • Dislike competitive sports unless you are competing against yourself
  • Want everyone to get along and work together
  • Victimized by your own procrastination
  • Feeling emotionally paralyzed, unable to get into action
  • Sabotage your good relationships
  • Feel undeserving
  • Separation anxiety
  • Goodbyes are very hard
  • Are a major giver, but not a very accepting taker
  • Overly sympathetic or too compassionate
  • Have money issues, refuse to own your money, not enough, scarcity
  • Put everyone else’s needs before yourself
  • Attracted to or fascinated by twin energy
  • Feel abandoned, left out, or excluded, rejected
  • Don’t make friends easily, a loner
  • Feel like others can’t relate to what you are going through
  • Constantly searching for close relationships but can’t seem to find them
  • Prefer to spend time with older people, rather than those your own age
  • Low self-esteem, lack of self-love
  • Trust issues

These are issues that no amount of psychoanalysis or talk therapy can help. You cannot uncover the unconscious cell memory consciously by trying to talk about it.

If this resonates with you, there is a way to transform the cell memory of the loss of the vanished twin through specific protocol that will release and unlock these old memories so that you can feel whole and complete again.

Through the BodyTalk System, one is able to access the womb issues and find out where and how they have impacted the physical body and then bring awareness of the emotional issues that relate to this experience. Awareness awakens the conscious mind and helps release the stress and reactive behaviours in the subconscious programming. This allows the client to live a more responsive life and lessens the need to defend and protect oneself from “previously unknown issues.”

If any of this sounds like you, and you want to resolve these issues gently and easily, or you feel compelled to know more, please contact Lena.

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