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Hi Lena, I just wanted to thank you sooo much for the BodyTalk session I had with you. I cannot remember the last time I actually enjoyed a family outing. This time I was so calm and present, I had an amazing time at the concert and even at dinner and shopping today!  My mom and brother both commented several times that it was like being with a different girl, I was really my usual happy and fun self. You gave me the gift of being able to enjoy my family again, and I can’t put into words how grateful I am for your help! Thank you Lena 
- M.S

Dear Lena,

I want to thank you for all your help and support as my BodyTalk Practitioner. I have been coming to you for BodyTalk sessions for about 2 years now. I have many challenges I am dealing with including serious health issues and issues in my personal life.  I am so grateful for each session because no matter what is going on you help me release the stress and find a better place of balance. When that is done I can live a healthier and lighter life.

Yes, I love BodyTalk for how it has helped me but really it is you as a practitioner that I am most grateful for.  You are so knowledgeable and use your wisdom to help support me in my journey.  Your big loving hugs help too.

You have also helped my teenage daughter tremendously. She was very sick with asthma when I first brought her to you. She was missing a lot of school and spending weeks on the couch.  She was on all kinds of inhalers and antibiotics.  After several sessions we were in your office booking her next appointment and she got very teary. When we asked her why she was crying she said, “I just realized I have not needed my inhalers for months now. I thought I was going to have to use them every day for the rest of my life.  Now I am free from that.”  It was an incredible moment. 

My daughter and I now understand the power of energy therapies and especially BodyTalk for healing the body, mind and spirit. But again it was you as the practitioner that gained her confidence and trust and then used your vast skill and experience to help her reach that place. My daughter is also doing much better in school. Before BodyTalk her marks were not reflecting her true abilities. She was very frustrated. She is less stressed about her work and tests.  She can express herself more easily and that is also showing up in her social life as well.

I am so grateful.  I hope this helps others to take the step to go for BodyTalk sessions and to connect with you as their practitioner.  

- S.P


Hi Lena, just to follow up after our last BodyTalk Session, I have to tell you that I have not had any further “heart palpitations.”  

I am feeling so much better. Thank you.

- C.C


I have suffered from chronic sinus infections for the last 8 years of my daily life.  I was so very frustrated and had a hard time breathing, the pressure and pain was unbearable sometimes I had one BodyTalk session with Lena and my 8 years of suffering is gone! Totally gone.

It’s truly unbelievable, actually a miracle. No more sinus infection, pressure or pain!! All of my symptoms are gone!

Thank you Lena and BodyTalk, this is truly a miracle.

- Lisa


I am a pregnant mother – 8 months and due March 2010.  My doctor discovered during a routine visit that my protein levels in my urine were beginning to climb. As toxemia is a concern for myself and the baby at this stage, I soon became worried. Not only did my doctor express his concern but also advised that the testing that was done for the blood sugar levels indicated that they were too high!

I was surprised and my worries and fears began to surface.

I wanted to get the protein levels down and bring my blood sugar levels down also, as I knew this was not good for the baby.

I decided to see Lena, my BodyTalk Practitioner and discussed this with her. I knew BodyTalk could help and asked her to address this through a session to help stabilize the protein levels in the urine and my blood sugar levels. I soon began my sessions with her – it only took two sessions. When I went back to the doctors to re-test, the protein levels in my urine were GONE and the blood sugar levels had stabilized significantly, almost normal. Wow! I am truly amazed at what BodyTalk can do!

Thank you, Lena and BodyTalk.

- L.C


I have had neck and arm pain for the last few months. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and was going to seek medical treatment for it. What I really wanted was something more holistic in its approach and so my sister suggested I go see Lena, a Certified BodyTalk  Practitioner to see if she could help me with this pain. I was a true skeptic at first when I went in, but after one session the neck and arm pain was gone! It’s been 2 months now and no pain. I can finally sleep. Thanks you, BodyTalk and Lena.

- Rita C


For the longest time I have had such a hard time leaving the house. My phobia about leaving the house caused me severe stress and anxiety. It was an ordeal to go anywhere. I had one BodyTalk session with Lena and this came up as a priority a big surprise to me as I never mentioned this to her.

When I came in for my second session, I had totally forgotten about how hard it was for me to leave the house . I had left without all the anxiety and stress. WOW! It wasn’t until she pointed it out that I realized ” Oh my gosh, I got ready and left the house and it was not a major ordeal anymore ! ” Amazing !!!!! I am thrilled. Thank you Lena and BodyTalk. 

- L.H


I started seeing Lena for my energy level, and my hives which were very irritating with the changes in temperatures outside. I had two sessions with Lena and my Hives are almost all gone! WOW! My mind is clearer, my sleep is restful, I now sleep like a rock! and most of all I have more energy! I feel so much more balanced. BodyTalk is truly amazing.

Thank you, Lena

Daniela M


I have been seeing Lena for BodyTalk Session for a while now for my severe depression Which I have had for years. With each session I started to feel different and for the first time in my life I am feeling like my old self again and actually enjoying my career and I am MOTIVATED once again! I have done a 180 degree turn. Everyone around me sees it !!! I feel alive and am enjoying my life again. Thank you Lean and BodyTalk.

- J.D


BodyTalk has been a life changing experience for me !! Chronic anxiety has plagued me for years and has been an ongoing challenge in my life. In the past, traditional medicine such as Prozac and Zoloft which I took, blocked out memories in dealing with these events.

BodyTalk has been instrumental in taking me through a journey in learning about myself and how I can be happier and healthier person. The chronic anxiety I  must say is nothing like it used to be, in fact it is almost all gone. I am happier and things don’t bother me like they used to .

Thank you Lena and this amazing healthcare system

Virginia D


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