Emotion Code

Is there anything in your life that you’d like to change?
Anything you’d like to be rid of?


You’ve heard the phrase ’emotional baggage’, a term describing someone’s emotional struggle. We all have emotional baggage – and it’s not all in the head! These emotions can make you feel miserable and it’s hard to get out from under the weight of it.

In Quantum physics – emotions are just frequencies. You are generating a frequency and experiencing the effects. When it gets too much to handle, it becomes a trapped emotion – our ’emotional baggage’.   Our physical pain, 90% of the time, comes from our emotional baggage! It also contributes to inflammation, congestion, dis-ease, PTSD, depression, panic attacks and mental illness, to name a few.


Information about your trapped emotions is within your subconscious mind.  Muscle testing accesses that information that your subconscious mind already knows.

The Emotion Code method doesn’t eliminate the memory itself but its emotional charge, which is often at the root of the problem.  Every emotion has its own frequency.

When we consider that we’re over 60% water, imagine what thinking about our emotional baggage is doing to us?  It’s no wonder we feel the way we do!


Using the Emotion Code, Lena will remove negative trapped emotions from your body quickly and easily.  We acknowledge the emotion once it comes up, and then we energetically remove it. It’s that simple!

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