Good nutrition is of vital importance for good health. It’s that simple!  We are what we eat, digest and assimilate.

Good nutrition plays a huge role and is key to the health and maintenance of our bodies. The latest research proves that there is wisdom and healing power in eating a healthy and varied diet that includes whole foods.

The Surgeon General believes that 65% of diseases are preventable through good food choices and whole food nutrition. Eating whole foods delivers to your body a combination of balanced nutrients. These nutrients were designed to nourish and protect your body in a way that refined foods can’t.  Energy systems, immune functions, brain function, healthy DNA and strong hearts all thrive on healthy food and good nutrition.

In addition, the “good” foods you eat provide you with the raw materials necessary for your body to produce thousands of chemical reactions which are necessary to regulate energy systems, moods, body repairs and many other countless critical functions.

The problem is that a large portion of today’s population is still consuming a diet that is devoid of important nutrients.  North Americans are still in this vicious cycle of consuming a diet that is high in fat (especially trans fatty acids), high in sugar, salt, and cholesterol.  They consume FAR too many processed and refined foods, consume too much red meat, alcohol, too much pop and junk foods.   All of these short circuit your system, creating toxins and free radicals that cause inflammation, pain, accelerated aging, obesity, candida, arthritis, diabetes, immune system dysfunction, heart disease and the list goes on and on.  We are a society that consumes an over consumption of refined and processed foods, therefore exhausting our nutritional reserves.

Imperfect foods (I like to call them DEAD FOODS) grow imperfect bodies!  Dead foods cannot feed our bodies and our minds the nutrients it needs. Dead foods are just that, DEAD, they cannot maintain our health.  Anything that is processed or refined, or comes in a box is considered a dead food.  You cannot live on these dead foods and thrive!

So if we are what we eat, as the saying goes, then it is inevitable that our bodies are not functioning a peak performance on these devitalized foods.